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About Moema

My name is Moema, I started my spiritual path from a young age as I have the privilege to have been born into a spiritual family.  This has allowed me to develop my healing and spiritual gifts using different tools to help people bring into their life more love, health and wealth.

In my Angel Therapy Session I work with  my Angels of Creation to support you on your spiritual journey and help you to achieve a positive outcome in your health and relationships matters, personal, professional, financial and love life.

I am Neurobiological Deprogrammer and I use  this energetic tool by connecting your heart and thymus with your brain. As you receive this energy, it allows your cells to return to their original shape and to free themselves from the programming that they have been exposed throughout your life, eliminating limiting beliefs, traumas and patterns that prevent you from bringing a harmonious balance which can be in any area of ​​life (professional, relationships, health, prosperity, etc

I have been practicing and teaching meditation and spiritual development workshops for over 30 years.

I am an international Intuitive Psychic Medium and my intuitive channelling allows me to give you a personal reading and guide you with your quest. These readings will give you guidance, reassurance and insight. You have a question… Spirit has an answer….. I purely relay the message. My absolute goal is to help clarify your questions with honest answers, insight, and guidance.

I can assist in awakening your true potential to achieve your goals and help you on your personal and/or spiritual transformation.
Whether you require a Neurobiological Deprogramming Session, Spiritual Therapy with my Angels of Creation, an Intuitive Reading or Meditation, everything I do will always be infused with love.

I am affiliated to the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine
I am fluent in English and Brazilian Portuguese.


  • Neurobiological Deprogrammer
  • Spiritual Therapist
  • Access Bars ®
  • International Intuitive Medium
  • Meditation
  • Personal/Spiritual Transformation
  • Life Direction, Relationships, Finances, Career and Spiritual guidance

Mission & Vision

My mission is to make an impact and transform people’s life. Help them to thrive in every aspect of their lives by empowering them to achieve their goals and live an abundant happy life.



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Appointments are held online at mutually convienient times.


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